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Izzi Tavern Pant

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The Ibex Promise
It’s called the Izzi Tavern Pant because Izzi-Wear-It-Everywhere-Because-It’s-Mad-Comfortable-Pant doesn’t trip off the tongue so easily. Made from Ibex Energy fabric, the Izzi line has yoga comfort built into each piece, but out-on-the-town functionality (Hence, Tavern) so you can get more uses with the same pant. Form fit and tapered, this is a stylish lifestyle piece with natural origins.

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Tech Specs:

Winter-weight wool fitted lifestyle pant

New longer inseam length
Inseam: XS=29.5", S=30", M-XL=30.5"
1.75" waistband
Tapered leg
New longer inseam length
Garment Weight (oz): 12.96



The exclusive combination of mostly wool with a bit of nylon and Lycra® gives this fabric a soft, resilient flexibility. Used in the Women's Loose Tights, it has become a favorite of many, a fabric that you won't want to take off. Machine Washable. Fabric comprised of: 88.7% NZ Merino, 7% Nylon, 4.3% Lycra®

Fiber Source: New ZealandWhere the fibers of this fabric are sourced.

Fabric Source: New ZealandWhere the fibers are knit or woven into this fabric.

Garment Source: United StatesWhere the fabric is assembled into this garment.

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