Ibex Categories


Soft and luxurious Ibex wool next to your skin - it's about the best you can do in a first layer. Try Base, our odor-free and moisture-resistant first layer garments. Enjoy a close body fit with fashionable cuts and contemporary colors.


People who practice Yoga have special requirements. As do skiers, mountain climbers and other outdoor athletes. That's the thinking behind Peak, our high-performance clothing crafted for specific activities. Do better, go farther.


You've been pushing hard all day and it's time to slow down. Go for Live, casual outdoor clothing with a relaxed look that's ready for whatever comes next. Crafted with the performance, style and comfort of Ibex wool.


When you're ready to get outside, make sure you're fully protected. Add some Zing to your outdoor experience - accessories for your hands, head and ears. Water-resistant, windproof, completely Ibex.


What you wear is just as important as your bike. So go for Ride, our high-performance cycling gear that protects you during morning commutes or daylong competitions. It's odor-free and moisture-repelling clothing that keeps your pedals moving.